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标签:国际一流 9t9v 皇冠28

影片主演:Johannes  Lassen  Paprika    




更新时间:2018/4/19 11:20:59

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    ★《地表之下第一季》★剧情介绍:Gidseltagningen, created by Kasper Barfoed (Summer Of ’92) based on an idea by Adam Price (Borgen) and Søren Sveistrup (The Killing), portrays the hijacking of a Copenhagen subway carriage where three armed terrorists kidnap the fifteen passengers on board.   The series then follows a protracted hostage situation over eight days where the government refuses to pay the ransom, and how the ensuing media coverage shapes events. Johannes Lassen takes the lead as former soldier Philip Nørgaard who heads the Terror Task Force, and Paprika Steen plays news anchor Naja Toft.